Wednesday, March 07, 2012

From Motorcycles to Cycles

Puvanai rides the bike to reduce weight according to Dr. Sorana's prescription. p

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

 A friend sent these two photos of some native tribemen riding rudimentary Harleys, so I couldn't help but post them for you to enjoy.
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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Elephant Reintroduction Ceremony

Motocycle Diaries

Following an invitation from Khun Sivaporn, our ex-boss, we decided to ride our motorcycle up North to join the Elephant Reintroduction program at Khun Tan National Park, Lampang. Since the event is in the afternoon and there’s enough time to take a detour, we will ride early (5 a.m.) to catch cool breeze in Bung Porapet, Nakornsawan on Hw 225.

7:30 a.m. Freshly brewed illy espresso served with Moji on board our boat.

After noodle lunch (Kao Soy) in Koh Kah, Lampang, we rode further north past Hangchat to Doi Pha Mueang Wildlife Conservation center. Khun Sivaporn was giving speech to the donor, the Rietzler family and friends.

Khun Rojana turns paparazzi too.

Mr. Manfred doing Brahma offering.

Cute little elephant ready for the ceremony.

Brahm gave the young elephant “Jerm”.

Khun Rojana chatting with the Rietzler family member.

Catholic ceremony followed.

Group Foto shoot of participants

Letting the young elephant free.

Khun Sivaporn teached Pukkie how to get off a pick-up truck properly.

We rode further north on Hw 11 to Chiangmai for the annual Flower Parade festival at Suan Buak Had, downtown Chiangmai.

Morning coffee at Starbuck with Pa Tong Koh from Khun Oun. Followed by Kao Soy at Samer Jai, Fa Harm. Then Tea time at Leenawat’s brother tea shop Vieng Joom On teahouse with chocolate soufflé…Three breakfast in one morning..??

Lots of flowers especially orchid in the competition for the best flower of the show. Co
Should have release this elephant too…??
Easy to spot Noke, wearing all RED cap and T.
Lucky nobody wear YELLOW cos the RED mob is marching outside the show…!!

Shopping at the walking street of Chiangmai

Dinner, dinner and dinner
From French cuisine at Le Crystal to Somtam Lao at streetside plus Durian Kan Yao as desert..!!

Morning “Jok” Hong Kong style congee at Vieng Thong square, Lampang. Then followed by Guangtong Chinese lunch at Mae Sod, Tak.

Side stop at Kampaengpet province for “Phob Phra” (discovery of Emerald Bhuddha)
Following recommendation of Khun Tul Suvanarat, seven times Paris Dakka rally racer.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HD Police Motorcycle

No sir.

Aor was too afraid to ride with a bunch of crazy bikers krub.
Think she went with her Mom.

Totally agreed with you on 668 krub.
The ladies are promoter of Marlboro and trying "desperately" to sell the
cigerette to the crowd.

Some of our riders even buy the cigarette and give away to others....just
to chat!
One of our riders got Harley Road King Police for less than THB 700k.
Look real cool.
Wish i can find a cheap one too.

Have a happy Riding krub.
Ekachai C.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Chanel Bike

Not quite a motorbike, but I couldn't resist posting this special edition bike by Chanel; about US $ 12,000 each.
The limited edition bike has been designed as part of Chanel's spring/summer 2008 collection to celebrate the heritage of the house and Coco Chanel's love of sport. Exclusively hand-crafted, it is bedecked with Chanel’s signature quilted leather and double-C logo as well as a utility saddle bag. Weighing about 16.5 kilos, it comes with an attached 8-speed gear.
Undeniably, it is the most chic mode of green transport for this festive season. However it will rip you off your greens as it can be bought from Chanel boutiques from December onwards.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Harley Davidson - Bangkok

Harley Davidson holds an exhibition at the Siam Paragon exclusive shopping center in Bangkok, Thailand.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mongolia's Easy Riders

On this visit to Mongolia we are pleasantly surprised to see Mongolian motorcycle riders participate in the Nadaam Festival, in addition to the standard archers, wrestlers, horse riders, and traditional costumed tribesmen and famous musicians and singers.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Pee Ta Kon Festival, Loei Province, Thailand

Pracha Chumnarnkitkosol ( "Noke") rides up to Loei Province in northern Thailand to join in the fun of the famous "Pee Ta Kon" Festival.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ekachai, Adisorn and Pukkie

Khun Siva krub,Yesterday we took Adisorn for a real ride (first long distance trip).I have promised Sorn for a long time to ride with him to some nice place.Pukkie joined and witness the ride too.Thanks for the inspiration you gave me two years ago when you took me on myfirst ride to Khaoyai.Cheers.Vehicle : Adisorn Ducati Monster 800 Pukkie BMW F650 GS Ek BMW K1200RDestination : Granmonte Vineyard, Khaoyai via Prachinburi sideLunch Menu : Linguine with prawn in white wine sauce Grilled Cod fish inside vine leaves with anchovie sauce Grilled Aussie tenderloin steak topped with foe grasWine : Kirimaya chenin blanc 2004Traveloque:6:45 Riding passed the Central World Plaza (former world trade). Lots ofcars on the street. Met a big group of scooters (100s) came in couples.Ek: Some thing is wrong here... Why this Manga-sai (scooter bug) came soearly? Why lots of them are on Pra-tu-nam area early morning?Front page Bangkok Post today "Yesterday morning 6am around 200 motorcyclestook over the street in Petchburi road and organize a road racing causingtraffic to standstill...! One policeman was ran over by gangsters whilerunning.Ek: Lucky me. If the Police hold up those gangsters middle of the road, Imight get caught with those Manga-sai too...!? Hell freezed over.7:00 at the meeting pointPukkie: I never come to meeting point alone and wait for you guys to showbefore. I hate waiting.7:30 at Amazon Cafe, PTTPukkie: Where is Sorn ka?? Will he come? Walking back n forth between7-Eleven n her Bike n Cafe'7:35 Finally show up.Sorn: Can i have breakfast? So early and very hungry too!7:45 Time to go. Crossing the bridge of Huay Kwang and meet smilingPoliceman standing mid-way hands out.Ek: So early Mr. Policeman?? Probably my bad day cause i just came out ofPTT gas station 100 meters away.After s few chats, I told him i gotta leave for Khaoyai, he patted me inthe back and i left. He walked towards Pukkie and...Policeman: Are you sure you can go?? Can't say otherwise lah si? Already inthe road chai-mai-lah... Then he laughed.Pukkie: Keep on smiling.... then go.8:30 Pit Stop at Cafe' Boran (old coffee house) in Nakorn NayokOwner: Oh you ride motorcycle too..? She's been seeing us on bicycle formany times.My husband used to ride Japanese 750cc. So scare... too fast for me.Then she took her kid (very small girl) to see our bikes.Brunn...bru..unnn...!9:30 At the south entrance gate of Khaoyai National ParkTicket Woman: Three tickets sir..? Where are the rest? Why are you and yourbike alone at my booth?Aren't they coming too sir..??Ek: Yes they will come. Just the slope here is too steep to park andsomebody feet is too short for the turtle back road surface..!10:30 Pit Stop at the Park office. We were drinking Gatorade and chatting.Suddenly a local bird (Nok Ei-ang) landed in front of Sorn on Pukkie's niceand shine helmet.Sorn: This bird is very aggressive na krub. (The bird just landed in themiddle of table some 30cm from Sorn-Pukkie-me triangle) Finding nothing onPukkie's helmet, it jumped to Sorn's helmet then chit on it then fliedaway. What the H....? Leaving white/greyish mark on his helmet.12:00pm At Granmonte vineyard. All six staffs in the cellar room all comeout and watch us parking our bikes. Feel like a motorcade. Cos...No otherguests at the time. Greeting by the owner-Khun Visoot while walking to therestuarant. Long time no see.At the outside patio under the tamarind tree of the Italian restuarant:Pukkie: I can have only one glass of wine.Sorn: Me too, only one glass.Ek: How much does it cost per glass?Pukkie: A bottle cost as much as three glass. So instead of ordering three.Get one bottle then.Ek: Fine, I will take back the rest then.13:30 Still drinking until the bottle became empty. The sunlight wasovershadowed by cloud. Nice cool breeze.14:00 Sorn: Better take some nap before we head back home. So tired nowafter those ride, those food, and wine.15:00 Rain came. Got coffee and run back into the roof. Near escape fromshower.15:15 Rain stopped..! Dressing up prepared to ride back16:00-17:00 Rain, shower, storm, rain17:00-home No rain but very cloudy in the city.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Pukkie's New Bike BMW F 650 GS

Top: Ek rides pillion to check Pukkie's handling ablities of the
BMW F 650 GS Single cylinder air cooled trail bike.
Bottom: Pukkie speeds up the road to Khao Yai National Park on her own.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

In front of "Dynosaur" in Syracuse, N.Y. ,the place reccomended by Patrapa for lunch since she graduated from Syracuse University a few years ago with a Masters in Information Management.

On our trip to the USA, we, all of 14 people, stop to have some fabulous ribs and sliced beef sandwiches at "Dynosaur" in Syracuse, N.Y. Nattamon (Vor) poses with the Harleys parked in front of the crowded eatery.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

We go to see "The World's Fastest Indian", the true story of New Zealand's Burt Munro's efforts to set a world land speed record with his 1920 Indian motorcycle. It is a heartwarming movie.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Flowers in my backyard on Election Day for Senate House.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Ekachai and his biker friends prepare to exit from the bank where they have cashed enough money for their 4,000 kilometer round-trip ride from Bangkok to Singapore.

Sunset at Fisherman pier, Hua Hin. Caruso Italian restuarant run by italian
behind Hilton.

From Hadyai to Singapore. From Sadao border of Thailand thru North-South
Hiway of Malaysia to Jahor Baru.

A rest stop on the way to Jahor Baru, Malaysia.

Bikers tollgate at Butterworth to Penang, Malaysia.

Bikers watch the sunset at Laem Promthep, Phuket.

Annual Phuket Bike Week coincides with the Songkran Festival or the Thai New Year celebrations.

Bikers admire various custom bikes on show at the Phuket Bike Festival.

More sexy stuff.

Bikers welcome show.

Custom bikes on show.

Bikes gather for the annual festivities in Phuket.

Phuket Bike Week 2006.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Motorcycle Diaries – Take me home….to Khao Yai

“I has a farm in Khao Yai, at the foot of Khao Yai national park, The farm lay at an altitude of 375 meters”……… seems like “ Out of Africa” a bit. Knowing that you gonna ask about Denys Finch Hatton and Borkley Cole. Here is our stories.

We descent Bangkok together from MOTOZONE in RCA. Ekachai used BMW K 1200 R and Jem rode YAMAHA R 1. I drove my Harrier using Toll way. 5 min after the end of the toll, I saw them in rear mirror riding like crazy. At top speed of my car, 180 km/hr, they passed me in just wink of my eyes. And keep riding at this speed through the whole trip.

Offcourse, Jem missed the first meeting point. Then we meet again after turning left from Viphawadee road to Mitraparb in Saraburi at PTT gas station. Then we took route no. 3224 and turn left again at route no.2089 to go to Prapassara Farm. This route is perfect for driving and riding due to the curve and scenery. It’s our all time favorite.

Jem and Ekachai having grape fruit juice( not become wine yet) at Prapasara Farm (route 2089).

Bikers with sun flower field on the way to waterfall

Ekachai and me at Jed Saonoi Waterfall.

Having lunch at Mori Japanese Restaurant in Pak Chong (the most beautiful scenery japanese restaurant in my view) . Take a look at Sake box holder. This made this two guys riding faster.

Riding mountain bike instead at the old golf course on Khao Yai. The condition is very rough now. Had to turn back.

Trying to fix Jem’s bike. Sorry, it’s not a run flat tyre.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Article about yours truly is published in Hi-Class Magazine about his Harley-Davidson Heritage Softtail Special.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Ekachai:"Found new Egyptian friends serving the best grilled leg of lamb with arabic rice."

Ekachai goes mountain biking:"Foggy Mountain at Tung Sa Leang Luang, Pitsanulok known for best route for mountain biking with great view of rolling hills."

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Just received this photo by email from a photoshop in Nan Province. It looks like Bundit's Heritage Softtail and his helmet. But where is Bundit? There is no message or explaination with the photo.

By chance, we ran into Bundit Saowan and his on-again off-again side-kick: Kamron, at a PTT gas station outside of Uttradit. He and his Australian friends are riding up to Nan Province.

Bundit's Australian friends, Peter McDowell and Carrie, who came to ride in Thailand.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ek and his black and yellow Bimmer at the Pasak Dam.

Baby black and yellow hornbill thinks the black and yellow BMW K12R is his mother.
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